We offer condo moves, single item relocation, in-house services, junk removal, and large and heavy equipment relocation. Reach out to us if you have any questions - we can customize a service specific to your needs.

Yes! Our movers are insured and we have general liability coverage. Coverage is 60 cents per pound, up to $500 or 10% of the final invoice. Basic coverage does not include the monetary value of your item.

We are a unique company and can schedule last-minute services. Try to give us as much notice as possible (so you can get your preferred date and time), but if something comes up at the last minute, give us a call and we will most likely be able to squeeze you in!

If you cancel your service within 48 hours there will be a 1 hour charge. If you need to reschedule your service and provide less than 24 hours notice you will be charged 30 minutes extra on your service. Please try to give us as much notice as possible if any changes/cancellations are required - it will be greatly appreciated and save you money.

Yes, we do require a full inventory list. This helps us provide you with an accurate estimate and allocate the appropriate amount of time for your service. We also require details such as are stairs involved, is your unit located close to the elevator, do you require assistance with disassembling/reassembling your furniture, etc. We want to know all details that could potentially impact the length of your service.

We are unlike traditional moving companies in that we do not do walk-throughs of your space to review, therefore we do require significant detail over email so that we can properly quote you and allot the appropriate amount of time for your service. As well, due to the nature of our company, each of our vehicles services anywhere from 4-6 clients per day. If your inventory list is not accurate the allotted time for your service may not be long enough and therefore will result in delays for the remaining services throughout the day. You can always give us a call as well, we love chatting with our customers.

All services are unique and require your specific details to provide you with an estimate. Send us an email at Email or fill out our form here and we will get back to you as soon as possible with a quote. Kindly note, our quotes are an estimate, the final price is based on real time to complete the service.

Send us an email at Email or fill out our contact form here, or give us a call at 647-203-8069.

You pay for your service once it is complete. All of our movers carry payment terminals on them and we accept all major debit and credit cards as well as cash.

Micro Moves requires a deposit of ONLY $1 to secure your booking. We are a worry free and honest company with no hidden fees. Final price is based on real time hours to complete your service and payment is taken once it is complete.

A typical one bedroom condo move takes our movers around 2.5 to 4.5 hours to complete. This is dependent on how far apart your locations are from one another, your inventory list and whether items require dis/reasssembly or not. Single item relocations and most in house services are typically completed within the hour!

We do not offer wrapping or packing services, as an eco-friendly company we avoid using single use plastics such as bubble wrap or shrink wrap. This allows us to keep our costs lower. We ask that all items are ready to go once our movers arrive, if an item gets damaged due to not being wrapped properly, Micro Moves is not responsible for it. Each of our trucks however are equipped with a handful of moving blankets which can be utilized during your service. As well during the winter months, please ensure all fabric items are properly protected from outside elements. Our customer service team would be more than happy to provide you with some suggestions or links to wrapping materials as well as information regarding local wrappers and packers!

We do! We can definitely help you with dis/reassembling any furniture. We ask that you provide a link to the item or a photo as this helps in the quoting process as well as prepare our movers and what tools they may need to bring. Please note we only reassemble items that our team has disassembled, if you have disassembled the items yourself our team will not be able to assist with reassembly.

Most of our trucks only accommodate 2 individuals and each team works in pairs, therefore you cannot ride with our movers in our truck.

There is no need to assist our movers with your service, that is what Micro Moves is here for! We want to make your move as easy and stress free as possible. For liability and insurance purposes you cannot assist with your own service as it nullifies our insurance but no need to worry, our movers are experts and will handle all your items with extreme care!